Why MeetNotes

Its easy to use and helps your team to save time.

One Place to Plan & Execute

Your documents, plans, tasks status reports all live in one place and shared with all team members so you can spend more time doing the work then shuttling between tools.

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Know Status

MeetNotes sends automated follow up emails, updates, status and summary to all team members to make sure everyone is on same page.

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Save Time

MeetNotes is designed for automation. It will send automated follow up when something look like its going to slip. Save your time from follow-ups and use it to get things done.

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Keep Records

Keep records of activity, tasks, important decisions and notes from all your meetings organized at one place for easy look-up and reference later on.

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Easy to Use

No training needed. Anyone in your organisaton can use it. Use @mention and #tags like you would on your favorite social network and things just work.


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