There are a bunch of meeting notes tools with focus on agenda, notes and action items. While these are important, they aren’t sufficient. We believe great meetings are fun & engaging and productivity flows once everyone is participating.

Our product design follows this to ensure meeting engagement. Here are a few unique features of MeetNotes

Instant Meetings

We allow you to connect your calendar. But you can also create instant meetings for a quick brainstorming session. Just click on Meet Now, add attendees and start taking notes. It works for existing recurring meetings too.

Collaborative & Distraction Free

Using MeetNotes is as simple as typing in a shared document. No complicated UI and completely distraction free. It’s a shared document, so everyone participating can collaborate intuitively to make sure notes are correct and complete.

Action Items

If you want to create an action item, just type @john in the text. MeetNotes will parse the action items and track them for John. You get the best of both worlds, distraction free note-taking and action items noted separately with follow-up and workflow to make sure things actually get done.

We are working on other advanced features like Recording, Voice Commands, more In-Meeting Tools e.g. Rating & Polls, more Meeting Templates e.g. Scrum, Sprint Retrospective, Board Meetings. You can vote on these here.