Successful Product Hunt Launch Plan

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To execute a successful Product Hunt launch, planning and co-ordination is required. We had missed a few opportunities to gain more from the launch. Here is how we would do it if we were to do it again.


  1. Get to 300-500 up-votes in the first couple of days
  2. Trend to top 1-2 position in your category
  3. Get featured on the email for your category
  4. Get 100-200 sign-ups a day  

Product Readiness

@product_manager Make sure you have Google analytics or an alternative setup. You will need it if you get a traffic spike.

@product_manager Pay attention to on-boarding. Test with 3-4 users and keep it simple.

To be frank, if you are not in private beta, you are ready. Even without prompting, any of your users can post you to PH. So don't strive for perfection. Feedback is more important and PH users are early adopters and very forgiving.



These are some things you should do before launch and be prepared.

@product_manager Reach out to a top hunter and establish a connect with them. Give a good reason to hunt your product. Here is a list of top hunters.

@team Should sign up on PH with twitter. Create a twitter account if you don't have one already.

@analytics_guy Setup a Google Analytics alert or equivalent. The idea is to be able to find when traffic starts flowing in, so that you can respond to it. #analytics

@product_manager Create a exclusive offer for hunters e.g. an extended free trial. #marketing

@product_manager Should create a Google spreadsheet of contacts to notify once product gets on PH. If list is huge, set it up in MailChimp as an email list.

@team Should add contacts to the spreadsheet that we want to email, message once launched.

@product_manager Define a PH category to target. You can go broad (tech) or narrow (slack). Narrower interests have less subscribers, but its easier to be noticed there.

@product_manager Create a pitch that you will post to PH. Keep it short, benefits based and conversational.



@product_manager Email the hunter that you are ready. Do it early PST morning.

@product_manager Once hunted, tweet @producthunt to be added as a maker. This should take 15 to 20 minutes.

@product_manager Upload product photos and screen-shots to your PH page.

@product_manager Add a comment on PH. Thank the hunter and put down your product pitch.

@product_manager Start emailing contacts from the spreadsheet. Keep it short and encourage people to find, review, provide feedback & up-vote your product if they like it.

@team Post and repost the launch news to your social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.


Post Launch

@team Keep a watch on comments flowing in PH and make sure to respond to them and engage users.

@product_manager Send a follow-up email to the contacts and thank them for reviewing and voting. Tell them how it went e.g. we got 250 up-votes in few hours or are still trending etc. That will get in a few laggards who haven't voted yet and keep others engaged.

@team Tweet and re-tweet PH tweets about your product launch. Keep sending in more tweets hash tagged with your category to your followers.


What to Expect

If you did things right, expect around 100-200 sign-ups a day for an average SAAS startup. Depending on your category, it can be higher (or lower). You can keep up the attention for a week or so, and then traffic will dip. Now you need to convert these sign-ups into users and to finding product market fit. Its still a long journey ahead, but the excitement and interest from PH community will help you along and keep you going.

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