The employee-supervisor relationship is the foundation that teams and organizations are built on. One on one meetings strengthen this relationship and open up clogged communication channels. It improves employee morale, involvement and ownership. In our earlier article- One on One Feedback Meeting Template, we discussed the importance of these meetings, how to prepare for them and what pitfalls to avoid. This article shows you the best way to run a one on one meeting and how MeetNotes can help you improve your meeting productivity. Here is how it works:

  1. Create a new meeting within the application or simply sync your work calendar.
  2. Next, create an agenda in collaboration with your employee.
  3. Don’t miss the meeting, ensure it starts on time.
  4. During the meeting, review notes and action items from the previous meeting.
  5. Capture meeting notes. Discuss issues that significantly impact your advisee.
  6. Create action items.
  7. Follow up on action items.
  8. Meet again for the next one on one session.


Carve Out Time for Your One on One Meeting

One on one meetings create a safe place where employees can share their problems, concerns and ideas. Your employees feel valued when you consistently spend time understanding them. Schedule one on one meetings at periodic intervals that suit both the advisor and advisee.

MeetNotes helps you create a schedule for your one on one meetings. It allows you to sync your calendar so that all your meetings can be viewed from the meeting dashboard. You can also create a new meeting by using “Create Note”.


Prepare an Agenda for Your One on One Meeting

It is important to work collaboratively and decide what will be discussed during the meeting. Allowing the advisee to drive the agenda makes the meeting more effective and productive. The meeting should be more about listening to the advisee rather than the advisor doing all the talking.

MeetNotes helps you prepare an agenda before the meeting starts. Just send a meeting invite over to your advisee and ask him or her to contribute to the agenda. You can also add an agenda from Slack. The MeetNotes Slack bot sends a summary of meetings scheduled every day From here, you can add agenda in a flash. This will result in a collaborative, inclusive 1:1 meeting agenda.


Don’t Forget About Your One on One Meeting

It is easy to forget that you had scheduled a one on one meeting in the midst of other responsibilities and meetings. Missing or canceling the meeting may cause your employees to resent you. It sends the message that something else has become more important. Ensure that you never miss your one on one meetings.

MeetNotes ensures that you never forget your scheduled meetings. A daily reminder email helps you plan for all your meetings for the day. This email provides details about all the meetings scheduled along with duration and number of attendees. Open action items are also listed. Slack reminders before each meeting help you start your meeting on time. Slack notifications are easy to enable. These reminders also allow you to take notes and share notes, helping you get the most out of these meetings.


Review Notes From Your Last One on One Meeting

Before getting into the business of the current meeting, spend time reviewing notes from the previous meeting. Ensure that all action items are on track. If not check how it can be completed at the earliest.

You can access all notes from the previous meeting, from the MeetNotes editor itself. Action item status can be viewed from the right panel of the meeting editor or from the action items page.

You can also ask the MeetNotes Slack Bot to fetch the previous meeting’s notes or even get open action items right to Slack.


Ask the Right Questions

As an advisor, you need to ask these questions in one on one meetings. Start off with personal questions that will build rapport and trust. Then move onto topics such as career development and ways to improve how the team works. You should also ask them for feedback on you and check on how happy they are at work.

MeetNotes editor helps you run meetings sans distractions. You can list questions and record answers with ease. MeetNotes creates a record of your meeting notes that you can access at any time from the meeting dashboard.


Drive Action

A successful one on one meeting with an employee always includes action items. What’s the point of gathering feedback if you don’t act on it? Discuss with your advisee and decide on action items, their due dates and priority.

It is simple to create, assign and track action items with MeetNotes. Just type @assignee name followed by the task description.


Share Notes

It is a good practice to write and share notes within 24 hours of the meeting. The notes should contain key points discussed, action items and takeaways. These notes serve to remind attendees about what happened in the meeting.

MeetNotes allows you to share notes over email so that you can access them easily from your inbox. You can also share notes on Slack, both on public and private channels. Get everyone is up to speed in seconds.


Follow Up

There is often so much to do, that we let a few things slip through the cracks. Agreements made at the meeting are forgotten, even before we leave the meeting room. You need to keep checking at regular intervals to see if action items can be completed by the agreed upon deadlines. Encourage your advisees to keep you informed if they feel certain action items can’t be completed on time. Offer help and additional resources to keep action items on track.

With MeetNotes you can establish Meeting Follow Up quickly. Just access the meeting from the dashboard, select the action item from the left panel and click on “Follow Up”, An email is sent and the advisee is reminded about what they need to do. Keep at it and your persistence will pay off! Want a quicker way to follow-up. Just do it from Slack.


One on one meetings provide an opportunity for advisors to help advisees dissolve roadblocks and empower them to perform better. Instead of complaining about ineffective meetings, take initiative to make them productive with MeetNotes to assist you in every step.