Meetings-everyone loves to hate them. Long winding discussions, poorly written notes, unstructured minutes of meeting, all add to the bad rep associated with meetings. Is there a better way to run meetings? Yes, there is. MeetNotes shows you how you can run great meetings by harnessing the power of the uber-cool Slack app.

Slack has changed the way teams communicate and meet. There are numerous meetings that work well in Slack and don’t require a physical room to meet. Daily Standups, brainstorming meetings and review meetings can be conducted on Slack. This saves time, money and effort spent scheduling and organizing these meetings.

The MeetNotes Slack integration helps you run outcome driven meetings from start to finish, You can run both in-person and virtual meetings. With the MeetNotes Slackbot you can add agenda and meeting notes, view, update and follow-up on action items and share meeting notes. We have listed the top 5 ways you can use the MeetNotes+Slack combo to get work done at your meetings.


1. Start with a Meeting Agenda

A Meeting Agenda can shorten your meeting time considerably. Your meeting discussion will be effective and it will stay on track. Having an agenda offers the following benefits.

  1. Get buy-in for the meeting. An agenda clarifies the purpose of the meeting and participants understand why they are required to attend. This results in better attendance, participation and productivity.
  2. Help attendees prepare. An agenda (shared in advance) allows attendees to think about the discussion points and come prepared with questions and suggestions.
  3. Next steps planning. Even after the meeting ends, attendees are clear about the next steps, as the agenda directs every discussion and this results in better planning for what needs to be done.

Using a template for meeting agenda also gives you neat, formatted minutes that can be shared immediately, without any additional effort.

The MeetNotes Slackbot enables you to add an agenda right from slack by using /add-agenda. You can also click on the “Add Agenda” button from the daily meeting summary. The meeting organizer is reminded an hour before the meeting to add an agenda.

Slack Reminder Meeting Agenda

2. Share Updates with Your Team

“Knowledge is power”, however, the medium used to communicate knowledge is also important. Sharing critical information with your team at the right time affects the quality of decision making. Slack is often used to share important updates, but it may get lost among other messages and alerts.

An easy way to organize important information is to use the pin message feature of the MeetNotes Slack app. Add MeetNotes to the slack channel, type @MeetNotes followed by your message and choose the meeting to pin it to. Head over to your meeting in MeetNotes and all your pinned messages appear at the top.

Slack Pin Messages

3. Crystal Clear Work Status and Easy Follow-up

Status meetings often drain time and energy. They also interrupt productive work. However, knowing what your team is working on is crucial to driving teamwork forward. Managers often look for alternatives to the status meeting to ensure that the team stays connected and informed.

The MeetNotes Slackbot helps you get your colleague’s or your open action items right onto Slack. You can also update action item status from here. If you need an update on a particular task, you can ask the MeetNotes bot to follow-up on it. Your team benefits from transparent work status and zero slippage.

Action items

4. Share and View Minutes of Meeting

The minute taker’s work begins only when the meeting ends. He has to add additional details, organize the notes and share it with all meeting attendees within 24 hours. You can organize the notes with ease and the MeetNotes Slack integration enables you to share notes on both public and private Slack channels.

Sharing notes over Slack reminds attendees of what they committed to during the meeting. They are more likely to start working on next steps and honor their commitments. Those who missed the meeting can know what happened and stay updated.f you need to view notes on the go, just ask the MeetNotes Slackbot to fetch it for you.

Share Meeting Notes on Slack

5. Find out How Your Meeting Went

Meeting feedback is a great tool to find what’s wrong with your company meetings and improve them. It establishes a system of continuous learning, so that every meeting becomes better in incremental steps. Here is how you can establish a meeting feedback system:

  1. Use a scale to measure meeting efficiency. Use questions like “How productive was this meeting” or “How satisfied are you with the meeting”.
  2. Ask attendees what they felt was the most valuable and least valuable part of the meeting.
  3. Rate Individual characteristics. Find out how engaging the meeting was, if time was used efficiently, if location and meeting time were convenient. Also, find out if they felt meeting goals were achieved.
  4. Retrospective questions. Use questions like “Is there anything you would have done differently?” These questions uncover areas that need improvement.

The MeetNotes Slackbot sends a feedback request to all attendees once the meeting ends. The current scale offerst three emojis to rate a meeting, If you receive negative feedback continuously, then it’s time to find the reason and find a solution.

Slack meeting Feedback

Running productive meetings requires planning and effort. The MeetNotes Slack integration helps you set an agenda, share important updates with your team, share meeting minutes and gather meeting feedback. Login and run engaging, powerful meetings.