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Run Meetings with Meetnotes Slack Bot

5 Tips to Run Meetings with MeetNotes Slack Bot

Is there a better way to run meetings? Yes, there is. MeetNotes shows you how you can run great meetings by harnessing the power of the uber-cool Slack app. The Slackbot is a perfect add-on that helps you run outcome driven meetings, whether its virtual or in-person meetings.

Run one on one meeting with MeetNotes

Run One on One Meetings with MeetNotes

The employee-supervisor relationship is the foundation that teams and organizations are built on. One on one meetings strengthen this relationship and open up clogged communication channels. It improves employee morale, involvement and ownership.

meetings in a marketer’s schedule

Meetings that Dominate a Marketer’s Schedule- A Guide to Effective Marketing Meetings

Blank expressions, people checking their emails on the sly or a never-ending argument that gets you nowhere. Do these behaviors dominate your marketing meetings? In the 2014 Wasting time at Work Survey, having too many meetings” was the second biggest time waster.

4 Personality Type that Influence Meeting Productivity

4 Personality Types that Influence Meeting Productivity

Understanding different personality types and how they interact has significant impact on meeting productivity. This article will help you discover all the personality types in the meeting room, including your own and use it to run a productive meeting.

7 Techniques for meeting follow up

7 Proven Techniques for Meeting Follow Up

Successful meetings need follow up. Read about 7 proven techniques that will help you and your team follow up after a meeting. Use these techniques during and after meetings to achieve your meeting goals.

Remote team meeting

How to Conduct a Remote Team Meeting

Technology is redefining the way we engage with each other and collaborate. Our meetings are increasingly becoming virtual. Learn how to leverage the advantages that remote team meetings offer and overcome the disadvantages.

Daily scrum

5 tips to Run Effective Scrum Meetings with MeetNotes

In any project under agile scrum methodology Daily Scrum is an important ceremony. Success depends on how you treat the ceremony itself and how you choose to implement it.

Slack Apps for Video Conferencing

5 Slack Apps for Video Conferencing

Slack apps for video conferencing make it easy to connect in a few steps, whether it’s for a quick status update or a brainstorming session. As remote teams continue to replace co-located teams, it is even more important to invest in the right video chat app.

Slack Apps to Manage To-Do List

5 Slack Apps to Manage Your To-Do List

To-do lists either empower you to get more done or be a mere source of frustration. There is a multitude of apps on Slack that promise to help you manage your ever-growing task list. The secret lies in how you choose to use these Slack apps to manage your to-dos.

5 slack apps to run daily scrum standups

5 Slack Apps to Run Daily Scrum Standups

Daily scrum standups, an integral part of agile methodology are often considered an unavoidable burden. Slack apps and integrations can change the way teams hold daily scrums. It offers a ton of features that will make daily standups effective and fun.

Slack Apps Integrations for Every Team

10 Must Have Slack Apps for Every Team

Everyone has heard of Slack. It has changed the way we communicate and interact. We don’t have to spend hours combing through long email threads to find that crucial information. Slack channels make it easy to find what we want, faster.

grow your business with meetnotes

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with MeetNotes

A successful small business isn’t built on a brilliant idea alone. It requires careful management, charting growth milestones and aligning everyday tasks to achieve these milestones.

8 Tips on how to participate in a meeting

8 Tips on How to Participate in a Meeting

Meeting productivity often becomes the sole responsibility of the meeting organizer. However, attendees also have a role to play. Each attendee must contribute toward achieving the meeting outcome. With these 8 tips you can learn how to participate in meetings effectively.

Agile scrum framework

A Lightweight Framework to Use Agile Scrum Management Practices

Agile methodology was originally developed for the software industry, to enable developers to thrive in an environment of continuous change. It refers to a set of methods and practices based on the values enshrined in the Agile Manifesto.

Unproductive meetings

Unproductive Meetings- How You Can Be Free of Them

In my career spanning 2 decades I have learnt that sooner or later everyone starts hating meetings. But If everyone hates them, why do they continue to exist? Meetings exist because they serve some purpose.

5 tips from meetnotes launch on Product hunt & Hacker news

5 Tips From MeetNotes Launch on Product Hunt & Hacker News

Last week, MeetNotes was submitted on ProductHunt by @charlieirish. We were working on our PH launch playbook when we saw incoming traffic from there. Our planned launch was a few weeks ahead, but we decided to roll with it anyway.

Writing effective meeting notes

A Starter's Guide to Writing Effective Meeting Notes

Do you spend meetings doodling or checking your smartphone? And secretly laugh at the misfortune of the person taking meeting minutes? Go ahead, admit it.

MeetNotes beta released

Meetnotes Beta Released: Signup & Try Now for Free

There are a bunch of meeting notes tools with focus on agenda, notes and action items. While these are important, they aren’t sufficient. We believe great meetings are fun & engaging and productivity flows once everyone is participating. helps you capture notes from your meetings. Its simple design helps you get started quickly. Action items can be easily assigned and tracked.