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Agile scrum framework

A Lightweight Framework to Use Agile Scrum Management Practices

Agile methodology was originally developed for the software industry, to enable developers to thrive in an environment of continuous change. It refers to a set of methods and practices based on the values enshrined in the Agile Manifesto.

Unproductive meetings

Unproductive Meetings- How You Can Be Free of Them

In my career spanning 2 decades I have learnt that sooner or later everyone starts hating meetings. But If everyone hates them, why do they continue to exist? Meetings exist because they serve some purpose.

5 tips from meetnotes launch on Product hunt & Hacker news

5 Tips From MeetNotes Launch on Product Hunt & Hacker News

Last week, MeetNotes was submitted on ProductHunt by @charlieirish. We were working on our PH launch playbook when we saw incoming traffic from there. Our planned launch was a few weeks ahead, but we decided to roll with it anyway.

Writing effective meeting notes

A Starter's Guide to Writing Effective Meeting Notes

Do you spend meetings doodling or checking your smartphone? And secretly laugh at the misfortune of the person taking meeting minutes? Go ahead, admit it.

MeetNotes beta released

Meetnotes Beta Released: Signup & Try Now for Free

There are a bunch of meeting notes tools with focus on agenda, notes and action items. While these are important, they aren’t sufficient. We believe great meetings are fun & engaging and productivity flows once everyone is participating. helps you capture notes from your meetings. Its simple design helps you get started quickly. Action items can be easily assigned and tracked.