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Use MeetNotes to run Amazing Meetings with Standard Templates, Agenda, Action Items and Automated Follow Ups.

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There isn't any UI.Type notes as you normally would and action items are created

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Engage audience take better decisions.Run instant polls, rating and other fun tools.

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Quotes has an absolutely amazing and simple to use UI that has saved me countless hours working with my team and clients.I am falling in love with Rating & Polls which helps me collect feedback instantly and without bias.Must Use!

Himanshu  |  HashedIn CEO
HashedIn CEO

*30 days *No Credit Card

In a hurry? Meet Now

Top 3 Meeting Templates


A generic template with agenda, action items and a rating widget. Can be used for any meeting.

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1:1 Feedback

Engage individual contributors of the team. Foster open communication at your workplace with this template.

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Use this template for your next retrospective as you work on continuous improvement.

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